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Break Barrel Air Rifle

Attains Performance with Quality Workmanship, Velocity & Accuracy


Who We Are

Stepping into manufacturing of Air Rifles was not a planned one, rather curiosity and challenges made us to come into this field when one of our family friend, living in US handed over to us a DIANA-35 in the year 1980.
And that’s the beginning ……….

  • Please note that SDB does not promote/encourage/endorse hunting or cruelty to any living being.

The Tireless Main Spring


Furnace Baked, Control Temper. For extra punch, the synthetic washer may be used.

Typhon with imported German Wire

Indian airgunners will be getting another world class spring in addition to existing “Typhon” yellow. This spring meant for most air rifles available in India called “Typhon RED”.
This has unmatched quality, longevity, durability & constant/fix power output.

Customers are requested to check with the their guns to ascertain suitability.

if any quarries Fined out your Near Dealer location

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